Know your business

Knowing your business is an essential part of your success so please take the time to read the information below in order to get you off to the best possible start.

If you have reached this stage you have already proved that you are committed and ready to take on the exciting challenge in building a successful business. Below is some honest and impartial information to help you know your business and get you up and running.

Create a viable fan base

Your business is only going to be as big as your fan base. Which is why creating a viable fan base is the most important thing you will need to do and maintain. With the many social media platforms available to this industry you have some great tools to help you accomplish this. Twitter is currently the platform of choice for most adult performers but Facebook and a few others are certainly worth considering. If you are new to this business we advise you to start your social media campaign using the most popular platform in your particular niche and then progress to other platforms as your confidence increases. By doing this step by step, it will allow you to gather information on which particular platform is best suited to you. Saving you time and effort.

There really are no special skills needed to create a successful social media campaign, just a little imagination and regular input will get you off to a great start. When we say regular input we mean as many teaser tweets/pics as possible directing your client to your adult profile website.

Optimising your website

Okay, there’s no need to pull any punches here. DO NOT invest your hard earned cash in a SEO company. Not only are their practices outdated, but their claims could be considered to be very dubious to say the least. In any case if you are creating new keyword rich content via your blog and managing your social media correctly you will be doing a great job yourself.

Google’s policy when ranking your site basically revolves around content and a well built website. Many of the tricks employed by SEO companies have been closed down by Google over the years to provide a fair playing field. In a nutshell what you put in is what you get out. It’s worth bearing in mind here that most adult performers use directories and other online promotion than rely on actual site ranking, letting them do the work for you. You will find more information on this in the section below.

Promoting your website

Having covered optimising your website in the previous section, let’s move on to how to promote your website outside of your social media. As previously mentioned most adult performers use adult directories within their particular niche as one of their main promotional tools. These are online directories that advertise your services. Some are free while others charge a fee plus some require a banner exchange which is why we have included a links section as part of your website. We recommend submitting your profile to the free listings to start with and see where you are before investing in a paid directory listing.

Analysing your progress and income

Our software gives you a snapshot of how your business is performing in several ways.

Firstly via Google Analytics which is integrated into your adult profile website. These statistics will provide you with all the information you need to know; from how many people are visiting your website to where they come from. Giving you plenty of data to help with future decisions.

Secondly our software supplies you with detailed financial reports of your chosen money making features including...

Managing your finances

What you are doing is not illegal so your business can be treated in the way any other vanilla business is run. In most cases this means opening a business account* (where your earnings will be paid into), trading as a sole trader, keeping your accounts straight (unless you intend on hiring an accountant) and submitting a self assessment tax return annually. It really is worth getting on top of this from the start, saving you money and a possible headache in the long run.

*Do not open a bank account using your performer name.

Spending your money

Unfortunately this is an area where we can not offer any advice, but we expect you to have plenty of your own ideas.